Centralized Communication

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Centralized Communication
Control Center Research 2.png
Infrastructure Technology
Available To: Organic Major Factions
Prerequisite: Advanced Sensory Systems
Difficulty: 1,250
Unlocks: Space Control Centers
Required By: Neural Analysis of Signal


Centralized Communication unlocks an upgrade to the player's Mission Control Centers. The upgraded version of this structure, the Space Control Center is twice as effective, supporting four fleets each. However, this upgrade entails a major increase in supporting infrastructure – the population required to staff the Center is doubled to 40,000, which also has a prodigious power consumption of 900 MWt. Upgraded Power Stations should be considered to help with this.

Building a Control Center on each of the player's planets in a 45-planet empire will give a fleet cap of 194. A Control Center will not support any fleets while upgrading; players should be aware of this when making upgrades, in order to avoid their Shipyard production backing up due to hitting the fleet cap.