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This article describes the ship module used for transporting the four mineral resources. For transporting olzine using ships, see Fuel Tanks. For transporting weaponized limbalt on warships, see Ship Ordnance. For the structure used to transport resources within a system, see Cargo Transporters.

Cargo Modules are a class of ship component in Outscape.


Cargo modules can be fitted to ships to add the ability to transport Natural Resources (beron, farsu, limbalt and ziryl) from place to place. This might be to transfer resources from non-colonised planets, move resources between the player's colonies or to salvage resources from Wreckage fields.

Basic Cargo modules are unlocked at the start of the game, and are compatible with all hull types. Extended Cargo modules have greater capacity, but must be unlocked through the relevant research.


Small Cargo1N/AS4001001000
Medium Cargo1N/AM1,2003003000
Large Cargo1N/AL2,8007007000
Small Cargo Extended2Freight StandardsS6002002000
Medium Cargo Extended2Freight StandardsM1,8006006000
Large Cargo Extended2Freight StandardsL3,5001,4001,4000


  • Level: the tech-level
  • Research: the technology that must be researched to unlock this item for use
  • Size: Small, Medium or Large
  • Capacity: how much resources it can hold
  • Fa (Farsu): cost in farsu (added to ship total farsu cost)
  • Credits: cost in credits (added to ship total credit cost)
  • Build: build time in seconds (added to ship total build time)