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MankindSmall Cargo1N/AS400
MankindMedium Cargo1N/AM1,200
MankindLarge Cargo1N/AL2,800
Syntis Small Cargo1 S400
Syntis Medium Cargo1 M1,200
Syntis Large Cargo1 L2,800
Ripchee Small Cargo1 S400
Ripchee Medium Cargo1 M1,200
Ripchee Large Cargo1 L2,800
People's Realm Small Cargo1 S400
People's Realm Medium Cargo1 M1,200
People's Realm Large Cargo1 L2,800
MankindSmall Cargo Extended2Freight StandardsS600
MankindMedium Cargo Extended2Freight StandardsM1,800
MankindLarge Cargo Extended2Freight StandardsL3,500
Syntis Small Cargo Extended2 S600
Syntis Medium Cargo Extended2 M1,800
Syntis Large Cargo Extended2 L3,500
Ripchee Small Cargo Extended2 S600
Ripchee Medium Cargo Extended2 M1,800
Ripchee Large Cargo Extended2 L3,500
People's Realm Small Cargo Extended2 S600
People's Realm Medium Cargo Extended2 M1,800
People's Realm Large Cargo Extended2 L3,500

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About Cargo

Cargo Transport Research 1.png

Cargo modules are fitted to ships to add the ability to shuttle Natural Resources from place to place. They can be research early in the game by researching the Cargo transport Technology.

As the table shows Cargo modules are in multiple sizes. Apart from piling them onto a cargo vessel its worth noting that including some on warships on Anti piracy or raiding duty is worth while so that any loot from destroying an enemy can be transported away as spoils