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Bloodthirst is a feature unique to the Snithereal. It enables them to eat a secondary organic population living on a planet they control to boost the Strength of their defending Troops, Happiness and population growth rate.


Bloodthirst Overview.jpg

  • Bloodthirst is managed from the Snithereal's population management screen.
  • For this option to be available, the planet must be controlled by the Snithereal (with the player choosing them as their Major Faction) and there must be a secondary organic population on the planet. As a Robotic Faction, the Syntis cannot be eaten in this way.
  • Bloodthirst can be set to a rate between 0 and 100, as illustrated in the panel above. The player can use the - and + buttons on the Management screen to adjust this rate, or type the desired value in manually.
  • A rate of 0 disables Bloodthirst, while any rate above 0 enables it.


  • When disabled, the Snithereal population's Happiness is negatively affected, as illustrated in the panel below.
  • The Happiness of the secondary organic population is not affected while Bloodthirst is disabled.

Bloodthirst Happiness Off.jpg


  • While enabled, the Snithereal will eat the other organic population, relative to the Bloodthirst rate set.
  • While Bloodthirst is active, the Strength of defending Snithereal troops, Snithereal population growth rate and Snithereal Happiness (illustrated in the first panel below) are all boosted, with a higher rate giving a stronger boost.
  • The boost to growth rate can enable the Snithereal to survive in environments which would otherwise be inhospitable to them while Bloodthirst is enabled.
  • The secondary organic population's Happiness is negatively affected while Bloodthirst is active, with higher rates producing a larger negative effect (second panel below).
  • The other organic population's growth rate may continue to be positive, depending on the Bloodthirst rate set. If set sufficiently high for a long time, it is possible for the Snithereal population to entirely consume the secondary population and remove it from the planet.

Bloodthirst Happiness On.jpg Bloodthirst Happiness Eaten.jpg

Usage while Attacking

When a Snithereal force invades a colony comprised of Organic Factions, a Bloodthirst multiplier is applied to the Strength of the attacking troops, doubling it to x1.6. This boost is not applied if a Syntis population is present.


  • The negative impact on a Snithereal population's Happiness while Bloodthirst is disabled is due to their being upset that a good food source is going to waste. When activated, other organic Factions do not like being eaten, hence the negative effect on their Happiness.