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'Bloodthirst' is a feature unique to the Snithereal. It enables them to eat an organic population living on a planet they control to boost their:

  • Troop strength
  • Growth rate
  • Happiness

See also: Snithereal


Bloodthirst Overview.jpg

  • Bloodthirst is managed from the Snithereal's population management screen
  • It's only available if the planet is controlled by the Snithereal and there is a second organic population (the Syntis can't be eaten)
  • Bloodthirst can be set to a rate between 0 and 100 (0 disables it, any rate above 0 enables it)


  • Setting Bloodthirst to 0 disables it
  • When disabled, the Snithereal population's happiness is negatively affected because an edible food source is going to waste (yellow box, image below)
  • The other organic population is not affected while Bloodthirst is disabled

Bloodthirst Happiness Off.jpg


  • Bloodthirst is enabled by setting the rate to any number between 1 and 100
  • While enabled, the Snithereal will eat the other organic population relative to the Bloodthirst rate
  • Troop strength, growth rate, and happiness are all boosted while it's enabled (a higher rate gives a stronger boost)
  • The other organic population's happiness is negatively affected by being eaten (the higher the Bloodthirst rate, the higher their unhappiness)

Bloodthirst Happiness On.jpg Snithereal happiness is positively affected while Bloodthirst is enabled

Bloodthirst Happiness Eaten.jpg The organic population's happiness is negatively affected while Bloodthirst is enabled