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'Bloodthirst' is a feature unique to the Snithereal. It enables them to eat an organic population living on a planet they control to boost their:

  • Troop strength
  • Growth rate
  • Happiness

See also: Snithereal


Bloodthirst Overview.jpg

  • Bloodthirst is managed from the Snithereal's population management screen
  • It's only available if the planet is controlled by the Snithereal and there is an additional organic population (not the Syntis)
  • Bloodthirst can be set to a rate between 0 and 100


  • Setting Bloodthirst to 0 disables it
  • When disabled the Snithereal population could become unhappy because an edible food source is going to waste
  • The organic population is not affected while Bloodthirst is disabled

Bloodthirst Happiness Off.jpg


  • Bloodthirst is enabled by setting it to any number between 1 and 100
  • While enabled the Snithereal will eat the other organic population at a rate relative to the Bloodthirst level
  • Troop strength, growth rate, and happiness are all boosted while it's enabled (a higher rate gives a stronger boost)
  • Naturally, the other organic population being eaten will be unhappy by this (the higher the bloodthirst rate, the higher their unhappiness)

Bloodthirst Happiness On.jpg Bloodthirst Happiness Eaten.jpg