Automated colony development

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Automated colony development is designed to enable a player to maintain development of their colonies while they are offline for long periods or if they would like to offload some routine micromanagement tasks (the current version is the first and has limited configuration other than enabling or disabling it).

Enabling and disabling


  • Disabled by default
  • Enabled or disabled on a per-planet basis via that planet's construction options screen (above image)
  • The first action will be attempted 6-12 minutes after it's enabled
  • An additional action will then be attempted every 6-12 hours (randomly determined)

Conditions and actions

The following list shows the conditions that will be evaluated and the actions taken (in the order they are processed):

  1. If happiness is decreasing it will decrease your tax rate and if possible construct an entertainment center (ignored for Syntis)
  2. If the population size is approaching the current population limit it will construct a new farm (unless the maximum population the planet can support has been reached)
    1. Triggered if the population size is within X colonists of the population limit (X = double the number of colonists a single farm can support)
  3. If available power is less than the minimum limit it will construct a new power station
    1. Minimum limit = (power provided by 1 power station) x 2
  4. For each of the 5 mineral resources:
    1. If there is a resource deposit available and the target mining rate for that resource hasn't been reached, it will construct a mine (or upgrade an existing mine if there is an upgrade available)
    2. It will work through each resource in the following order: Beron, Farsu, Limbalt, Ziryl, Olzine
  5. If none of the above conditions/actions are applicable it will construct a new military base


An action can only be taken if there are enough resources available:

  • Beron: the colony must have 5 times the beron cost of the action available e.g. if constructing a new mine would cost 100 beron, the colony must have 500 beron available
  • Personnel: the action must not cause a labour shortage of more than 15% (a colony will operate as normal unless a labour shortage reaches 30%)
  • Happiness: if the action would cause happiness to decline, it will instead construct an entertainment center (ignored for Syntis)

Surplus resources by design

The intention of the constraints and order of the conditions and actions are partly to ensure there is always a surplus of resources available for the player to be able to use e.g. order construction of a building.