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|'''Land / Water Affinity:'''||Water
|'''Land / Water Affinity:'''||Water
|'''Max Home Guard:'''|5%
|'''Max Home Guard:'''||5%
|'''Max Unemployment:'''||25%
|'''Max Unemployment:'''||25%

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"Deep beneath the ocean where only darkness dwelled one lonely thought was born. And from this thought they emerged." History of Akorokken is shrouded in mystery. If someone asks the about their origins he will hear only the same legend of "Thought". Without any space ships or other visible ways of transportation their presence on different water planets of the galaxy only causes additional questions. Highly intelligent, cunning and at the same time unusually strange Akorokken are invaluable ally for any civilization. Even though on the battlefield their use is minimal, their advanced technology and mindset could provide significant boost to different research projects in the galaxy. Ingame Description

Civilization Stats
Physical Strength x0.5
Optimal Temp: 22°C
Temp Tolerance: Mid
Growth Multiplier: x1
Land / Water Affinity: Water
Max Home Guard: 5%
Max Unemployment: 25%
Max Labor Shortage: 30%
Happiness Bonus: 30%
Optimal Water Balance: 100%


Akorokken is a non-playable civilization.

They can be occasionally found on an uncolonized planet as its native inhabitants and can be added to your population via Colonization.

Their research and intelligence means that upon colonization of this unique species, an extra free science point is granted.

They are usually found on warm, low landmass / full-ocean and smaller planets.