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Civilization People's Realm
Class Dreadnought
Flagship level 18
Tech level 4
Armour 5,800
Length 2,600 m
Engines 12 x L
General (L) 10
Weapon (M) 2
Fighter carrier (L) 8
Farsu 58,000
Credits 82,620
Build time (secs) 300,000

Description to be added. In-Game Description

The Admiral is the Tier 4 Dreadnought hull of The People's Realm.

Overview & Strategy

Taking days to build and epitomising the People's Realm's fleet doctrine of massive, heavily-armed ships, the Admiral-class Dreadnought is an intimidating hull in every sense. As an expensive fleet asset with limited weapon options, no fleet commander should ever leave an Admiral flying unescorted. Having only Large Weapon slots, the Admiral can only mount SML-B torpedo launchers, which have poor single-target DPS, or use TL torpedo launchers or Fighter Carriers, which are largely ineffective due to the flight time needed to reach their target. However, using escorts configured for high single-target DPS such as the Solaris can mitigate this weakness.

Outside of its combat potential, the Admiral's flag limit of 18 makes it the best choice for leading planetary assault or orbit bombardment groups.


  • The Admiral was the first dreadnought hull introduced to the game.
  • The Admiral is the largest and most heavily-armoured hull currently in the game, and is also the most expensive to construct.
  • Before the introduction of the Snithereal, the Admiral was the only hull in the game capable of mounting more than two Carrier modules; all eight of its Large Weapon slots may use these modules.
  • The Admiral is presumably named in reference to The Admiral, the dictatorial fleet commander who rules over The People's Realm.