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The Universe, in all its grand expanse, imposed a most imperial isolation upon the creatures which its own energies had created. Across billions of galaxies, life came and went. Extinctions beyond measure, cruel cataclysms gone unwitnessed. The swirling cosmic chaos ensured even the most promising of life could be snuffed out by chance or circumstance. With luck, a few civilizations clawed their way into space, into the vastness which birthed them, and the vastness which could betray them at any moment. There they sought purpose, and there they sought others. And there they found… nothing.

Until the wormholes appeared.

Scattered across the Universe, wormholes broke through space and presented themselves to intelligent life with a solitary probe broadcasting an image of the Andromeda Galaxy. Thousands upon thousands of hospitable planets had been mapped. It was obvious: this was an invitation by some unknown force.

Some civilizations feared the wormholes and they most certainly feared what unknown power was capable of opening them in the first place. Many argued that such powers should be kept at a distance. These civilizations either ignored or closed the wormholes and returned to their short, muted existences, never to be heard from, never to be seen.

But then there were the Responders. Spacefaring civilizations already experimenting with faster-than-light travel and seeking to expand their reach. They saw the wormhole not as something to be feared, but as an opportunity.

Civilizations of endless curiosity and intrepid minds could not stand idly by. These lifeforms answered the celestial siren’s call and jumped into their wormholes, hopeful that this Andromeda Galaxy would be as prosperous as the mysterious probe promised.

Ships bore through the wormholes, entering this untouched territory and ushering in a brand new age. These brave lifeforms dug in for the long haul, wiped clean of their civilizational cauls, sputtering into Andromeda naked save for their ships and a never-ending drive to find out what brought them there. There was only one certainty now: that they must gather their power quickly because, unlike where they came from, they were not alone in Andromeda. Backstory


A massive disruption in dark matter has de-stabilized a cluster of 12 galaxies. The dominant civilizations from each galaxy sent colonization ships to the nearest safe galaxy 'Andromeda', in order to continue life. This is where they learn they are not alone.

Choose from 12 unique civilizations, build your empire in a massive online persistent galaxy and discover the hidden secrets of Andromeda.

What is Outscape?

Outscape is a space strategy game set in the massive online universe of Andromeda. Here you can build your empire through military power, alliances, diplomacy and trade.

Each civilisation has a unique technology tree, ships and abilities. Will you be a Privateer with stealth technology, highly skilled in the art of ambush and looting, or will you choose the powerful robotic Syntis capable of building colossal ships?

You can research technology, design your own ships and assign them to fleets. You will be able to grow your empire by discovering and colonizing new planets. You can manage your population and enhance your planets by building a variety of structures to give you special capabilities.

Why not open a wormhole to another part of the galaxy and build another colony near your friends or trade resources and technology?

But be sure to have good sensor coverage of your space, or lay minefields to deter enemies from sneaking past! Have scout ships search the outer edges of your empire and battle cruisers on patrol in your protected space. Remember, if you go offline, your units continue to execute your orders in the online persistent universe!

This is the best of strategy games and the best of MMO games, a unique new experience awaits you in outer space!


  • Space Strategy MMO: 10,000's of players competing and interacting in the same game
  • Giant Persistent Universe: Millions of stars, millions of planets, continuous gameplay
  • Build a Vast Empire: Explore and discover new systems and civilizations, colonize new planets, expand your sphere of influence
  • Real-Time Gameplay: Action is 24/7, your units carry out orders even when you're offline
  • Design Unique Ships: Construct personalized, specialist ships for attack, defence, scouting and transportation
  • Build Epic Fleets: Group ships into fleets and create optimized tactical formations
  • Research Technology: Expand your empire's capabilities through research and development via the Tech Tree
  • Attack, Defend and Dominate: Leverage military might to defend what is yours and conquer the galaxy
  • Diplomacy & Trade: Form Alliances, negotiate and trade resources/technology with other empires
  • Discover Hidden Secrets in Deep Space: Steal technology and strategic information from players, encounter lost civilizations
  • Never ‘Pay to Win’: There will be no 'pay-to-win' or indeed any paying to get in-game advantages. A strategy game should be based upon skill, not how much real-life money people are prepared to spend

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