Ziryl Fusion System Upgrade

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Ziryl Fusion System Upgrade
Ziryl lvl 2.png
Mining Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Ziryl-90 Fusion
Difficulty: 50
Unlocks: Tier 2 Ziryl Mines
Required By: Ziryl Deep Mining


This Technology unlocks the Tier 2 upgrade for Ziryl Mines, boosting performance by 26%. At only 50 Difficulty, players are able to pick up this technology early on, in order to extract more resources to fuel their expansion. Upgrading mines to Tier 2 carries no Happiness penalty, but the upgrades themselves are expensive, with a 1,250 Credit price tag for each one. Hence, players might reasonably choose to construct more Tier 1 mines instead and hold off on researching this tech, if they have the population and happiness to support them.