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Civilization People's Realm
Class Freighter
Flagship level 4
Tech level 1
Armour 400
Length 400 m
Engines 2 x M
General (S) 4
General (M) 4
Weapon (S) 2
Farsu 4,000
Credits 720
Build time (secs) 14,400

The Zarion is a small hull platform intended for the creation of cargo and service vessels. In-Game Description

The Zarion is the Tier 1 Freighter hull of the People's Realm.

Overview & Strategy

The Zarion is a very versatile ship. With two Small Weapon slots, it is one of the few freighters that can be armed, but it is not suitable for main combat. However, outfitted with some shields or possibly an armour module it can accompany real warships in a battle formation (near the back!), carrying much-needed ordnance or fuel.

For early-game scouting, these can actually a better investment than a scout ship as they can be outfitted to carry more cargo. They can then be used to raid nearby systems to your base, bringing back free resources while you get your own industry underway. Its comparatively long build time of 4 hours may make this difficult to attain, however.

For cargo convoys, it is important to note that multiple Zarions cannot fit in the same fleet by themselves. Instead, try combining two with a cheap Stallion destroyer or October frigate as a flagship. The armed Zarions can then serve as "escort freighters" to protect cheaper but unarmed Imperiums further back as part of a larger convoy.