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An echo of war. Wreckage is all that is left after a battle of the past. It can contain resources and valuable parts lost together with destroyed ships. In-Game Description

Wreckages appear in the game after a fleet has been destroyed in battle, and contain salvageable resources.

Salvaging Wreckage

If the victorious fleet has any cargo space, they can immediately collect the available resources from the wreckage. Otherwise, the wreckage will persist for 24 hours, and then disintegrate and disappear. Any fleet that comes across the wreckage before this happens also has the option to collect any resources left behind, if it has the cargo space. Beyond this, no specialist modules are required to salvage wreckage.

The resources that can be salvaged from a wreck are equal to what the owner of the fleet would have received if they’d recycled it before it was destroyed - 50% of those used for its construction. Additionally, any cargo that was carried by the destroyed fleet can also be salvaged from the wreckage. Salvaging resources from a wreckage is done via a fleet’s transfer screen:

1. Move a fleet with cargo space to the same position as the wreckage (use the fleet’s ‘Move to position’ command to do so) and then open the fleet’s transfer screen.

Wreckage Move To.jpg

2. Select the wreckage from the left of the transfer screen.

Wreckage Select.jpg

3. Transfer any resources still contained in the wreckage to your fleet.

Wreckage Transfer.jpg