Wave Energy Neutralization

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Wave Energy Neutralization
Wave Energy Neutralization.png
Spaceship Engineering Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Military Space Program
Difficulty: 50
Unlocks: Ship Energy Shields
Required By: Damage Dispersion, Warships Operations


Wave Energy Neutralization is an important technology from the Spaceship Engineering section of the tech tree. Researching it unlocks Shield modules for use on ships, in order to protect against energy-based attacks. As Pirates exclusively employ Energy Weapons, anti-pirate fleets should ensure they have shields fitted to deal with them more effectively.

Players should not rely solely on shields for protection, as they have no effect against ordnance-based attacks. Hence, dedicated warships should use both Shield and Armour modules for all-round defence. As a rule of thumb, having shield strength equivalent to 33% of total hull HP is a good balance, but if the player encounters enemies which rely on ordnance weapons, preference should be given to increased Armour protection. Shields are also power-intensive modules, and cost significant amounts of ziryl to construct; players should take these two factors into account when designing and building their fleets.

This technology is a prerequisite for both the aforementioned armour modules and the second tier of Destroyer hulls.