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Warfare in this game is defined as any attack upon another planet or ship. Below are some examples of how this is done in the specific.

Fleet to Fleet

  • Fleet Battles PvP Player fleets vs other player fleets
  • Mine Warfare Passive PvP One players fleet attempting to navigate an area of space that another player has seeded with Space Mines. Includes the detection and removal of same
  • Pirates PvE Pirates will spawn and raid player planets unless intercepted by defence fleets.

Fleet to Planet

  • Orbital Bombing Usually as a prelude to Planetary Assault landings. Specialist ships in orbit do direct damage to the planets population and/or buildings.
  • Ground Warfare (Older page) Planetary Assault (Newer page) One players storms a planet in an attempt to conquer it from the other player.
  • Raiding As is sounds a ship or fleet with a commando unit attempts to steal mined resources without taking control of the planet from the owning player.

Planet to Fleet

  • Orbit Defense System Specialised building for a planet that can damage enemy ship sin orbit and reduce the number of Assault troops being landed in a full scale conquest.