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Please sign any messages to me with your user handle, date and time of message (and after the tone). --Stern, 13:30, 16th Feb 19 (UTC)

Hello, Is it possible for the player base to have access to view the game configuration? It would be cool if we could help you guys in balancing the game. --User:Noobperson, 15:25, 18th Aug 19 (UTC)

Hello Noobperson, not quite sure what you're asking here. Do you mean access to the game's base code? If so, that's not in my gift to give - I'm not a dev or formally affiliated with IDA in any way. I'm just a regular tester who contributes to the Wiki with what I can, when I can! Maybe your best bet would be to drop Joe a line on the forums? --Stern, 16:22, 19th Aug 19 (UTC)