Upgrading a Ship

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The controls for upgrading ships are built-in to the new fleet management screen:

1. Move your fleet into orbit of a planet with a shipyard.


2. Open its fleet management screen.

3. Click the ‘Up arrow’ icon next to the ship you want to upgrade (from the ‘Fleet Ships’ panel on the left of the screen).

4. Select the blueprint you want to upgrade the ship to (only blueprints for that ship’s hull class will be listed).


5. A confirmation popup will show how much it will cost to upgrade and give you the option to proceed or cancel.

The minimum cost to upgrade is 10% of the original cost to construct the ship.

6. If the blueprint to upgrade to costs more than the original the difference is added to the cost (you aren’t refunded the difference if it’s less).

The cost in Farsu has to be available on the planet with the shipyard.


Other key points about ship upgrading:

  • A fleet can’t be moved while a ship is being upgraded (moving it will cancel the upgrade and a future upgrade would start from zero).
  • The shipyard on that planet can continue constructing as normal.
  • Multiple ships in a fleet can be upgraded at the same time.
    • Each additional ship ordered to be upgraded increases the total time needed for the upgrade.
    • Cancelling the upgrade of one ship will cancel the upgrade of all ships in the same fleet.

Ship Building from Scratch

See this page for design and build protocols