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Game intro


Your faction has managed to establish a new home in the midst of this uncharted galaxy. But you are not alone...

Other spacefaring civilizations are nearby, hurriedly seeking out the same resource-rich planets that your own faction will need if they are to flourish.

The fate of your colony rests with you. Whether it perishes, or is just the first step towards a glorious interstellar empire will be determined by the actions you take today and the plans you make for the future.

Are you ready to begin?

Your Outscape tutorial starts here

This is the Outscape player tutorial, designed to introduce you to the core elements of gameplay in Outscape.

If you want your game to get off to the best start possible we STRONGLY recommend following each stage of this tutorial.

If you have previously completed this tutorial you can disable it on your account via the settings icon (it can be turned on again via the main game settings).

Main controls

Moving the camera around the map:
Hold left-click and drag the cursor
Or move the cursor to the edge of the screen to scroll in that direction

Rotating the camera:
Hold right-click and drag the cursor to rotate the camera around

Zooming the camera
Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in or out on the cursor

Keyboard controls:
A, D (left and right), W, S (forward, backward)
Q, E (anti-clockwise, clockwise), R, F (up and down)
Z, X (in, out)

'Back' button:
When it appears in the bottom right corner, click it to return to the previous screen(s)

Tooltips and where to get help

If at any stage you get stuck or want to find out more try the following:

  • Hover the cursor over an object on the screen to reveal an informative tooltip.
  • Click the "info" icon towards the top right corner of the screen which should open a relevant help page.
  • Chat with other players. You can access the in-game chat from the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Check out the forums or game wiki. You can open either from the main settings menu.