Transferring a fleet

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Player's can transfer ownership of a fleet to another player of the same civilisation. The fleet offered must be accepted by the other player to complete the transfer.

  • Both players must be playing the same civ e.g. a Mankind player can only transfer a fleet to another Mankind player
  • A fleet can only be offered to another player that has a fleet visible in standard sensor range (it will be possible to initiate the transfer via another player's planet)
  • Moving a fleet that has been offered to another player will cancel the offer
  • If the other player doesn’t accept the fleet transfer within 7 days the offer is automatically cancelled.
  • The transfer cannot be hijacked – only the player offered the fleet can accept it

See also Transferring a planet


1. The owner of fleet A wants to offer it to the owner of fleet B

Fleet Transfer 1.jpg

2. The owner of fleet A first selects it, then selects fleet B to open the fleet context menu, and then chooses ‘Offer fleet to player’

Fleet Transfer 2.jpg

3. The owner of fleet B now sees fleet A as purple (instead of red) indicating it has been offered to them

Fleet Transfer 3.jpg

4. The owner of fleet B can now select fleet A and click the button to ‘Accept ownership’ of the fleet

Fleet Transfer 4.jpg

5. Fleet A now belongs to the owner of fleet B

Fleet Transfer 5.jpg