The People's Realm

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The People's Realm
Civilization Stats
Physical Strength: x1.1
Optimal Temp.: +22°C
Growth Range: -1°C to +45°C
Growth Multiplier: x1
Max. Pop. Multiplier: x1
Land/Water Affinity: Land
Optimal Water Balance: 50%
Max. Home Guard: 5%
Max. Unemployment: 25%
Max. Labor Shortage: 30%
Happiness Bonus: 10%
Penalty for Unhappiness: 50%
Tax Sensitivity: x0.45

When the self-destructive tendencies of Mankind forced many to question the wisdom of unbound freedom, the People's Realm was born. A mastery of attack weaponry and an indifference to hardship, make for a formidable force to be reckoned with.

A powerful dictatorship where subservience and discipline are accepted as the necessary fundamentals for society to thrive. Huge ships serve as deterrents to other civilizations and enable them to enforce their will upon discontenting voices. In-Game Description


The great war “Jupiter’s End” sparked from disputes over control of the terraformed moons surrounding Jupiter, a large gaseous planet within the humans’ solar system. It was, despite plenty of competition, the most horrific war the humans ever undertook. A proliferation of nuclear weaponry led to destruction on an absolute level. Planet surfaces were atomized by carpet bombs, colony ships blown out of space, refugees gunned down on sight, every conceivable ‘edge’ in the conflict was sought and that led to many barbarities. All this culminated in an attempt to get Titan’s core to explode and spew its magmatic contents, thereby destroying the moon’s owners. Instead, the explosion tilted the curvature of the moon’s orbit, sending it careening directly into Jupiter. The planet absorbed the moon, and then promptly exploded with cosmic energy. Fiery arms spiraled out of the planet’s core and, like a chain-link minesweeper clearing out a field, whipped these energies over every living body near its orbit. Every colonized moon, space station, or military base that orbited around Jupiter was completely obliterated. Flight paths, trade routes, civilian colonizers, anything that used to use Jupiter as a stopping point coming out of the asteroid belt had to retrace ancient routes to account for this enormous hurricane of ungodly power.

So, having seen their tendencies come to such horrific fruition, mankind believed that it must pursue peace over all else.

Naturally, there were a lot of arguments over how to do this. One faction, headed by the most decorated Admiral that ever lived, believed that the future of mankind was a grim one: it would never be able to separate itself from its atavistic past, and could never be ‘allowed’ its obsessions – namely, allowing greed and selfishness to inevitably take it down the path to war once more.

It initially started as a legitimate effort by the Admiral, but when his ideas were shot down by the united governments, he saw fit to get them implemented the only way humans would understand: by force. Exercising his many connections, his army of spies and insiders commandeered every large ship they could get their hands on. They descended upon the colonies of the Solar System, demanding they bend the knee or else. And what was bending the knee? Absolute fealty to the Admiral. No freedom, no choice. Automation would support people’s needs and give them the basics of whatever they desired and nothing more. With the Admiral at the head of this dictatorship, every colony under the rule of the People’s Realm saw great scientific advancements and experienced unparalleled inner peace – only at the cost of freedom and human choice.

Civilization Features

  • + Strong ship hulls
  • + Versatile small ships
  • + Military Bases provide happiness
  • + Best missile and torpedo weapons
  • - Long hull research and build times
  • - Higher hull build costs
  • - Large hulls require high Flagship levels to construct fleets
  • - Weak corvettes
  • - Smaller income bonus from happiness