The Harpy

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The Harpy
Harpy ava.png
Civilization Stats
Temp. Tolerance: Unknown
Optimal Temp.: +15°C
Land/Water Affinity: Land
Optimal Water Balance: 60%
Physical Strength: x1
Growth Multiplier: x1
Max. Pop. Multiplier: 1
Max. Home Guard: 5%
Max. Unemployment: 25%
Max. Labor Shortage: 30%
Happiness Bonus: 30%
Penalty for Unhappiness: 50%

Harpy society is governed by two main principles: freedom and sound. While their concept of absolute freedom can be comprehended by most, their principle concerning sound is something entirely new. This avian species has a saying that weaves through their entire history - "Only the loudest song can reach the skies".

Surprisingly human-like in appearance, the Harpy developed the interesting ability to generate immensely powerful screeches. Combining these screeches with the modern scanning technologies brought some impressive results which increases the radius of planetary sensors. The only downside of this discovery is that it requires the construction of totally new planetary scanner stations. In-Game Description


The Harpy are a minor faction that can be found throughout the A3 Skirmish galaxy. They prefer planets with moderate temperatures and a good balance between land and sea. When a planet with a native Harpy population is colonized, their population automatically joins the colony and can contribute to the planet's development.

Benefits to a Colony

A colony with a Harpy population will be able to construct a unique Harpy Scanner. Compared to the standard Planetary Scanner, the Harpy Scanner has a significantly wider sensor range and identical scanner range. Additionally, it can be upgraded without having to research the relevant technologies that would normally be needed to do so.