Terraforming Technologies

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Terraforming Technologies
Climate Research 2.png
Infrastructure Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Planet Modification
Difficulty: 450
Unlocks: Tier 2 Climate and Hydro Adjustment Stations
Required By: Biotech Adaptation


Once researched, Terraforming Technologies unlocks the Tier 2 upgrades to both the Climate and Hydro Adjustment Stations. Unfortunately, this is not as useful as it might first appear. Although the Tier 2 structures do make greater adjustments than their Tier 1 counterparts, each one takes one hour to upgrade. This precludes their usefulness in immediate terraforming; in such a scenario, the player will likely need to make major adjustments quickly as part of a brand-new colonization. Tier 1 structures are still the best for this purpose.

Once the climate has been stabilised and the colony more fully established, the Tier 2 version is potentially useful, especially on planets which need many Climate and/or Hydro Stations. Making upgrades will allow the player to achieve the same results with fewer buildings, potentially allowing them to dismantle some stations that were needed as part of the initial terraforming process. Each station requires 30 MWt to operate and has a negative impact on happiness, so improving their efficiency later on can both free up useful power and help keep colonists happy.