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Civilization Syntis
Class Corvette
Flagship level 4
Tech level 2
Armour 388
Length 192 m
Engines 2 x S
General (S) 1
Special (S) 1
General (M) 4
Minelayer (M) 1
Weapon (S) 2
Weapon (M) 2
Farsu 3,880
Credits 3,870
Build time (secs) 9,300

Description to be added. In-Game Description

The T12 is the Tier 2 Corvette hull of the Syntis.

Overview & Strategy

The T12 Corvette hull is suited to intelligence gathering and can be equipped with cloaking and minefield technology. It's one of only two Syntis hulls that can be fitted with a Minelayer, and the only corvette in the game capable of doing so. As a result, a cloaked mine-laying vessel is a possibility, with a fleet flying into the orbit of a neutral planet while cloaked, sowing a minefield, re-cloaking and then escaping. However, the deploying mines will still show up on the galaxy map, potentially giving away the fleet's position. An altogether more difficult prospect is an all-round mine warfare ship fitted with a Minesweeper, able to remove enemy mines and then replace them with its own.

With four Weapon hard-points and five Medium General slots, the T12 has a generous equipment capacity for a hull of its size. For end-game players with access to Scout Engines, the T12 can become a well-equipped light attack craft with practically unlimited range. Other players should ensure their systems and lines of communication are well-secured, in case a section of T12s should suddenly appear on their scanners.