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Civilization Syntis
Class Freighter
Flagship level 7
Tech level 2
Armour 500
Length 500 m
Engines 16 x S
General (M) 2
General (L) 12
Farsu 5,000
Credits 3,180
Build time (secs) 6,000

The T11-64 is a fourth-generation cargo hull platform. Although not as large and robust as its predecessor, it can carry more cargo and costs less to build, which are significant and welcome improvements. Adapted from In-Game Description

The T11-64 is one of two Tier 2 Freighter hulls of the Syntis.

Overview & Strategy

The description of the T11-64 is misleading in several ways. Compared to its predecessor, the T11-32, the T11-64 is actually both larger and more heavily armoured, with 500 base HP, and is more expensive to construct. With two Medium and 12 Large General slots, the T11-64 has excellent carrying capacity, while remaining accessible as a Tier 2 hull.

Like all Syntis freighters, the T11-64 is unarmed, and the large and valuable cargoes it carries should not sail unescorted. The T22 frigate is a natural choice for this duty.