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Civilization Syntis
Class Colonizer
Flagship level 4
Tech level 1
Armour 220
Length 220 m
Engines 4 x M
General (S) 4
General (M) 2
Weapon (S) 2
Farsu 2,200
Credits 620
Build time (secs) 2,640

The T0 is the Syntis colonization hull. A vital hull that facilitates the necessary expansion of an empire to other resource-rich and strategically located planets. Colonization vessels are consumed as part of the colonization process, so planets to be colonized should be chosen wisely as mistakes will prove costly. In-Game Description

The T0 is the Colonizer hull of the Syntis.

Overview & Strategy

As its description states, the T0 is a crucial hull for Syntis players, as it allows the colonization of new planets. With their slower growth rate and fixed taxes, the Syntis must expand to more worlds quickly in order to increase their overall population and credit income.

Compared to the T11-8 Freighter, the T0 has less cargo space, but with two Small Weapon hard-points, it can be armed - the only Colonizer hull in the game with this ability. Hence, beyond its obvious use as a colonizing vessel, the T0 can be configured as a small escort freighter, becoming a useful multi-role ship for cash-strapped Syntis empires in the early game.