Syntis Production Level I

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Syntis Production Level I
Syntis Production I.png
Syntis Technology
Available To: Syntis only
Prerequisite: None
Difficulty: 0.1
Unlocks: Improved Temp. Tolerance (-37°C to +37°C)
Required By: Network Extension I!, Syntis Production Level II, Additional Ports I


The first level of the Syntis Production technology line is available immediately upon starting a new game, and with a Difficulty of 0.1, can be unlocked in six minutes by a starting player. When researched, it increases the range of tolerable temperatures for the player's Syntis populations, from an initial range of -26°C to +26°C to an improved -37°C to +37°C. This is useful both for colonizing previously unsuitable planets without the need for terraforming, and for boosting the population growth rates of existing colonies.

Syntis Production Level I is also a critical prerequisite technology for the rest of the Syntis tech tree, opening up techs for subsequent increases of the maximum size of the Syntis player's empire and fleet cap, as well as further levels of the Syntis Production techs.