Syntis Production Level I

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Syntis Production Level I
Syntis Technology
Available To: Syntis only
Prerequisite: None
Difficulty: 0.1
Unlocks: Improved Temp. Tolerance
Required By: Network Extension I!, Syntis Production Level II, Additional Ports I


The first level of the Syntis Production technology line is available immediately upon starting a new game, and with a Difficulty of 0.1, can be unlocked in six minutes by a starting player. When researched, it increases the range of tolerable temperatures for the player's Syntis populations, from an initial range of -26°C to +26°C to an improved -37°C to +37°C. This is useful both for colonizing previously unsuitable planets without the need for terraforming, and for boosting the population growth rates of existing colonies.

Syntis Production Level I is also a critical prerequisite technology, required to subsequently expand the maximum size of the Syntis player's empire and fleet cap.