Streamer Mode

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Streamer mode enables a player to share video or screenshots of their gameplay without giving away intel to other players. When Streamer mode is enabled:

  • Alternative star system names are displayed rather than the actual names used in the game
  • Simplified fleet names are displayed instead of actual fleet names
  • The coordinates at the bottom of the screen are hidden


  • Streamer mode can be enabled or disabled from the game settings under the 'Streaming utilities' section
  • There is also a 'Hide all labels' option which when enabled will hide all object labels in the game
  • After enabling/disabling either option you may need to restart the game for the changes to take effect (return to the lobby from the settings menu and reenter the game)

Straming Settings.jpg


Stream Mode Star Map Off.jpg Before

Stream Mode Star Map On.jpg After (streamer mode enabled)

Stream Mode System Off.jpg Before

Stream Mode System On.jpg After (streamer mode enabled)