Steam Achievements

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  • There are currently 24 Steam achievements in Outscape (with more to come!)
  • Achievements commemorate your progress through Outscape but don't provide any in-game benefits
  • An in-game notification pops up as you complete achievements while playing Outscape
  • You can view your achievement progress through your Steam profile or the Outscape page in your Steam library


Image Title Requirement
Achievement Outscape Certified.jpg Outscape Certified Complete all stages of the tutorial
Achievement One Small Step.jpg One Small Step Colonize 1 other planet
Achievement Seek Out New Worlds.jpg Seek Out New Worlds Colonize 25 planets (across 1 or more games)
Achievement Ultimate Expansionist.jpg Ultimate Expansionist Colonize 1,000 planets (across 1 or more games)
Achievement We Come in Peace.jpg We Come in Peace Colonize 5 planets that have native populations (across 1 or more games)
Achievement Home Away From Home.jpg Home Away From Home Colonize 1 planet at least 100LY from your homeworld
Achievement Reach for the Stars.jpg Reach for the Stars Have colonies in 2 different star systems
Achievement Interstellar Empire.jpg Interstellar Empire Have colonies in 10 different star systems
Achievement Imperator.jpg Imperator Command an empire with 10 colonies
Achievement Imperial Ruler.jpg Imperial Ruler Command an empire with 25 colonies
Achievement Galactic Caesar.jpg Galactic Caesar Command an empire with 50 colonies
Achievement Production Line.jpg Production Line Construct 25 ships (across 1 or more games)
Achievement Master Shipbuilder.jpg Master Shipbuilder Construct 500 ships (across 1 or more games)
Achievement Ship Design 101.jpg Ship Design 101 Create 5 ship designs (across 1 or more games)
Achievement Aerospace Engineer.jpg Aerospace Engineer Create 25 ship designs (across 1 or more games)
Achievement War Machine.jpg War Machine Build a dreadnought ship
Achievement First Blood.jpg First Blood Win 1 fleet battle against another player or pirate
Achievement Pew Pew.jpg Pew Pew! Win 10 fleet battles (across 1 or more games)
Achievement Destroyer of Fleets.jpg Destroyer of Fleets Win 50 fleet battles (across 1 or more games)
Achievement The Art of War.jpg The Art of War Win 200 fleet battles (across 1 or more games)
Achievement Winning Streak.jpg Winning Streak Win 5 fleet battles in a row
Achievement All Hail The Conquerer.jpg All Hail The Conquerer Conquer 20 planets (across 1 or more games)
Achievement Bombs Away.jpg Bombs Away Execute 1 orbital strike against another player's colony
Achievement Operation Pulverize.jpg Operation Pulverize Execute 50 orbital strikes against other player's colonies
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