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Civilization People's Realm
Class Destroyer
Flagship level 7
Tech level 1
Armour 1,100
Length 450 m
Engines 3 x L
General (S) 6
General (M) 2
Weapon (S) 2
Weapon (M) 4
Farsu 11,000
Credits 6,390
Build time (secs) 32,400

The Stallion is a medium hull platform. It can be used to create light destroyers and as a fleet's main attack threat. A good defensive option and convoy chaperone. In-Game Description

The Stallion is the Tier 1 Destroyer hull of The People's Realm.

Overview & Strategy

The Stallion has a great deal to offer the People's Realm Player, its main drawback being its base build time of nine hours. The twin Medium slots allow for cargo or heavy defences, making it easily configurable to a multitude of roles from main battle line to deep exploration.

With the addition of Shields and/or Armour, the ship can be enhanced to absorb over a thousand damage. With a DPS of 60 or more with the right combination of weapons, a section of three can comfortably engage and destroy early- to mid-game pirate fleets. This solid combination of defence and attack has made the hull a player favourite.

Despite its description, the Stallion's reduced fuel efficiency and expense to construct makes it a sub-optimal convoy escort; newer players should look to the October for this role.