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Civilization People's Realm
Class Destroyer
Flagship level 10
Tech level 2
Armour 1,200
Length 500 m
Engines 6 x L
General (M) 8
Weapon (M) 8
Farsu 12,000
Credits 10,800
Build time (secs) 36,000

The Solaris is an advanced medium hull platform. It can be used to create heavy destroyers and inexpensive fleet flagships. In-Game Description

The Solaris is the Tier 2 Destroyer hull of The People's Realm.

Overview & Strategy

The Solaris Destroyer is a combat powerhouse, and can act either as a useful Flagship for a battle-group of Stallion Destroyers or as part of all-Solaris formations. With eight Medium weapon hard-points, this is a ship designed to be configured and used aggressively; fitting a full set of fixed Hellfire cannons results in a ship that can dish out a fearsome 160 DPS.

Despite this impressive attacking potential, the Solaris is not all-powerful; the configuration of eight Medium and no Small General slots may cause some headaches in configuring ship builds. With so many Weapons available, the demand on the fitted equipment will be very high, particularly for weapons such as Power Beams or the aforementioned Hellfires. In order to use such weapons, it is likely that the player will have to dedicate several slots to power generation or ammunition storage at the expense of protection. Finally, with a base build time of 10 hours and high build costs, it will take time before the People's Realm player can call on formations of these fine combat ships.