Small Gravity Camera

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Small Gravity Camera
Small Gravity Camera.png
Engines Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Dark Energy Charged Engines
Difficulty: 3,750
Unlocks: Scout Engines
Required By: None


One of the two final technologies in the Olzine tech tree, this technology unlocks specialized Scout Engines, which may only be fitted to Scout and Corvette-class vessels. These engines offer enviable performance, with Free Warp 4 and Boosted Warp 9, the best fuel efficiency and supplying a huge 350 MWt of ship power. With these, players can construct scouting vessels capable of great speed and superb range, or configure powerful light attack vessels capable of outrunning any opposition except other ships with Scout Engines. The Syntis T12 and the Ripchee Saber are particularly well-suited to this latter role.