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  • Shipyards build and maintain fleets (upgrade, repair, recycle, reload ordnance)
  • Ship blueprints are also managed via shipyards (clone, delete)
  • Blueprint design itself isn't tied to shipyards (ship design can be opened from anywhere in the game via the top main menu)

See also: Ship Design

Finding your shipyards

  • From the star map, a hexagon icon next to a star system name label indicates a shipyard in that system
  • Within a star system, a hexagon icon next to a planet name label indicates a shipyard for that planet
  • It's also possible to see a list of planets with shipyards from the galaxy overview and jump straight to a planet

Label Player Yard No Problem.jpg

Star system label indicating a shipyard in the system

Opening a shipyard

A shipyard can be opened from planet management by clicking on the shipyard icon or shipyard queue:

Open A Shipyard.jpg

Shipyard main screen:


Building ships

  • To order a ship build click on the ship blueprint you want to build
  • On the next screen you'll be able to set the quantity of ships to build (and see details of the blueprint)
  • The shipyard's colony will need to have enough resources to proceed with the build order
  • A shipyard cannot build a blueprint of a level higher than itself e.g. a level 2 shipyard cannot build a blueprint based on a level 3 hull
  • Each new ship counts as a separate fleet and will count towards your fleet limit (merge ships into fleets to reduce your number of fleets)
  • If a shipyard's colony is affected by rioting, a labour shortage, or a power outage, progress on any ship under construction will be reset

Shipyard queue

  • After a ship build is ordered it enters the shipyard queue (a shipyard can only build one ship at a time)
  • Construction of the ship will start immediately if the queue is empty (if not, once it reaches the front of the queue)
  • If a ship build is cancelled the resource cost is returned (proportionate to the progress made, but no less than 50% of the original resource cost e.g. all of it if the build didn't start)
  • Finished ships appear in orbit of the planet

New Ships Appear In Orbit Min.jpg

Fleet limits

  • If your fleet limits have been reached it won't be possible to order a ship build
  • If your fleet limits are reached while ships are under construction, construction will continue but the ship won't be released from the shipyard until there is space for the fleet
  • Construct a control center or group existing fleets together to free up space for new ships and fleets

Ship maintenance

  • Ship maintenance - upgrade, recycle, repair, reload ordnance - is ordered from a fleet itself - not a shipyard (maintenance doesn't affect a shipyard's build activity)
  • A fleet must be in orbit of a planet with a shipyard to perform maintenance
  • The image below shows the upgrade and recycle buttons for a ship in fleet management

Fleet Management Upgrade Recycle Buttons.jpg


  • Ship upgrades are ordered via fleet management
  • Upgrading a ship involves selecting another blueprint to use for a ship's new configuration


  • Ships in a fleet can be recycled via fleet management
  • When a ship is recycled it is destroyed and a proportion of the resources used to build it are returned to the shipyard's colony
  • If a fleet isn't in orbit of a planet with a shipyard it can be destroyed instead (the resources used to build it are lost)


  • Ship repairs are ordered by clicking the fleet's repair button - they don't start automatically
  • The repair button is only available if the fleet has been damaged (and there's a shipyard in orbit)
  • In the image below the repair button is available because the fleet has been damaged (the blue circle indicating HP isn't 100%)

Fleet Damaged Repair.jpg

Reload ordnance

Ordnance modules that aren't full are automatically filled when a fleet enters orbit of a planet with a shipyard (if the colony has Limbalt available).

Managing blueprints

  • Once a ship blueprint has been selected it can be built, cloned, or deleted
  • The ship parts configured for the blueprint and the overall stats a built ship would inherit are displayed

Shipyard Blueprint.jpg


See Building ships above.


  • Click 'Clone' to start a new blueprint ship design using the selected blueprint as a starting point
  • A new blueprint isn't automatically created; the new design must be manually saved in ship design (where it's opened)


  • If a blueprint isn't going to be used again it can be safely deleted
  • Deleting a blueprint doesn't affect any ships that were built using it

Creating new blueprints

  • New ship blueprints are created via ship design
  • You can open ship design from anywhere in the game via the button on the top main menu
  • Clicking the 'New Blueprint' button in the shipyard will also open the ship designer
  • Once a newly designed ship blueprint has been researched it will be available to your shipyard(s)


  Shipyard 1.png Shipyard 2.png Shipyard 3.png Shipyard 4.png
Level 1 2 3 4
Upgradable Yes Yes Yes No
Research to unlock None Shipyard Research 1.png Construction Platforms Shipyard Research 2.png Multilayer Construction Platforms Shipyard Research 3.png Macro-Engineering
Civilization specific names
Mankind Shipyard Tech 1 Shipyard Tech 2 Shipyard Tech 3 Shipyard Tech 4
People's Realm Shipyard Tech 1 Shipyard Tech 2 Shipyard Tech 3 Shipyard Tech 4
Ripchee Construction Plant Tech 1 Construction Plant Tech 2 Construction Plant Tech 3 Construction Plant Tech 4
Syntis TB10T1 - Planetary Developer TB10T2 - Planetary Developer TB10T3 - Planetary Developer TB10T4 - Planetary Developer
  • Level 1 shipyards don't need to be researched (levels 2-4 need to be researched before they can be constructed)
  • Level 1 shipyards can be built directly, whereas levels 2-4 can only be built by upgrading an existing shipyard e.g. a level 1 shipyard can be upgraded to level 2

Stats & upgrade costs

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  • Level: the tech-level of the shipyard
  • Upgrade: whether the shipyard can be upgraded
  • Repair Rate: rate per second that ship armour can be repaired
  • Personnel: number of colonists required to operate (contributes to employment)
  • Desirability: effect on colony happiness
  • PC (Power Consumption MWt): amount of colony power required
  • Be (Beron): cost in beron
  • Credits: cost in credits
  • Build: build time in seconds

Support infrastructure needed

Building a Shipyard is a considerable undertaking and should be sited with an eye on its future expansion. Below should give a rough idea of the investment needed to allow you to plan for the final practical size of shipyard you can support on any given world.

Shipyard 1.png Shipyard 2.png Shipyard 3.png Shipyard 4.png
Shipyard Level 1 2 3 4
Power Consumption 100 Mw 300 Mw 900 Mw 2700 Mw
Personnel to operate 30 K 60 K 120 K 240 K
Support Buildings Required (Assumes Same tech Level 1,2 or 3 for Levels 3-4
Farms (Pop) 2x T1 | +20 Mw |+10K Population 3x T2 | +30 Mw |+15K Population 5x T3 | +50 Mw |+25K Population 11x T3 | +110 Mw |+55K Population
Power Stations 1x T1 (+ 4K Population) 3x T2 (+ 12K Population) 7x T3 (+ 28K Population) 19x T3 (+ 76K Population)
Entertainment Centers 1x T1 (+ 3K Population +15 Mw) 1x T2 (+ 3K Population +15 Mw) 1x T3 (+ 3K Population +15 Mw) 2x T3 (+ 6K Population +30 Mw)
Total Population Needed 47 K 90 K 176 K 377 K
REMEMBER! These are suggested minimums to run this structure, before allowing for other buildings needed on planet!

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