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Ship weapons are mounted to ships for use during battle. During the ship design process, available weapons compatible with the selected hull can be placed on the appropriate weapon slots. Additional weapons can be accessed by researching the relevant technology.

There are two primary classes of weapons: energy and ordnance. Energy weapons do not require ammunition - they are powered using a ship's energy supply - whereas ordnance weapons require available ordnance to be able to function.

Global ship weapons

Global ship weapons are available to all civilizations and can be accessed by researching the relevant technology.


  • Powered by a ship's energy supply
  • Don't require ordnance
  • Blocked by shields (while shields are intact)

Energy weapons are powered by a ship's energy supply, which is manipulated into other forms and fired at the enemy. Ship engines provide a fixed amount of energy that can power weapons and parts, but additional generators can be added to increase capacity.

Energy weapons don't require ordnance, which means they take up less space on a ship (ordnance weapons require an onboard ordnance module to store weaponized limbalt) and there is no danger of them running out halfway through a battle. This makes them an appealing choice for situations where ordnance/limbalt is scarce, ship space is limited, or a fleet is far from home.

The main weakness of energy weapons is that they are blocked by shields. Each strike will reduce shield strength, but damage to a ship's hull only begins once shields are down. However, once they are down, energy weapons can deliver more damage than their ordnance-based counterparts.

ImageNameResearch requiredSizePCRPMDPRDPSSplashFTASFaZiCreditsBuild
Small Plasma CannonPlasma ManipulationS2515153.75---11155560
Small Plasma DemolisherExotic EnergyS2512204---142050060
Medium Plasma CannonAdvanced Plasma ManipulationM75154511.25---3345330180
Plasma TurretEnergy Weapon TurretsM75154511.25--4533451,000180
Beam TurretSuperheated PlasmaM3507.515018.75--4560601,500180

See definitions below for more info about table fields


  • Require ordnance to fire
  • Not blocked by shields

Ordnance-based weapons require ordnance to fire. Ordnance is generated using limbalt via an ordnance module that must also be attached to a ship (limbalt is transferred to a ship’s ordnance module and converted at a rate of 1 limbalt to 5 ordnance units – each weapon uses a different number of ordnance units per round).

Ordnance weapons have the advantage that they aren't blocked by shields, so each strike delivers damage to a hull, and has the potential to be the final blow.


Rockets (missiles and torpedoes) are types of ordnance weapons that have their own additional advantages:

  • Do damage to any other ships caught inside the impact zone (the splash radius)
  • Can change trajectory mid-flight which enables them to strike against ships without having a clear line of sight

ImageNameResearch requiredSizePCRPMDPRDPSSplashFTASFaZiCreditsBuild
Small Ballistic CannonBlast ProjectilesS215102.5---12012060
Small DemolisherAdvanced Blast ProjectilesS212153---16050060
Medium Ballistic CannonEfficient Detonation ChambersM515307.5---360360180
Ballistic TurretKinetic Weapon TurretsM515307.5--45360800180
Missile LauncherGuidance SystemsM107.5708.755004-450800180
Torpedo LauncherCharged Limbalt PackagingL204.9818014.941,00010-8001,600720

See definitions below for more info about table fields


ImageNameResearch requiredSizePCRPMDPRDPSSplashFTASFaZiCreditsBuild
Carrier ModuleFighter CarriersL7001.3270015.4-30-1201202,400720

See definitions below for more info about table fields

Unique ship weapons

Whereas the global ship weapons are common to all civilizations, some civilizations also have their own unique weaponry:

The People's Realm

ImageNameResearch requiredSizePCRPMDPRDPSSplashFTASFaZiCreditsBuild
Missile Launcher "Realm II"Improved Limbalt FilteringM107.59011.255004-4501,000180
Torpedo Launcher "Realm II"Advanced Large ProjectilesL205.4200181,00010-8002,000720


ImageNameResearch requiredSizePCRPMDPRDPSSplashFTASFaZiCreditsBuild
Ripchee Beam TurretAdvanced Superheated PlasmaM3507.520025--45621002,000180


  • Research required: the technology that must be researched to unlock this weapon for use
  • Size: Small, Medium or Large
  • PC (Power Consumption MWt): quantity of ship's power that will be consumed
  • RPM (Rounds per min): number of rounds that can be fired per minute
  • DPR (Damage per round): the damage each round delivers
  • DPS (Damage per sec): average damage done per second based on RPM and DPR
  • Splash: splash radius in meters for rockets (all ships within this range are affected as if directly struck themselves - and as with all ordnance weapons, shields are no defense)
  • FT (Flight time): time to travel from launcher to target
  • AS (Angular speed): speed of turret rotation in degrees per second
  • Fa (Farsu): cost in farsu (added to ship total farsu cost)
  • Zi (Ziryl): cost in ziryl (added to ship total ziryl cost)
  • Credits: cost in credits (added to ship total credit cost)
  • Build: build time in seconds (added to ship total build time)

Weapons and fleet formation

Fleet formation decisions have serious consequences in battle. Ships can't fire at other ships if they don't have a clear line of fire. So a ship behind another ship is both protected and unable to attack. Except for rockets, which can strike ships without having a clear line of fire.

Although ships may not be positioned behind each other in a fleet, they could find themselves so, depending on the angle at which an enemy attacks.