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Civilization Snithereal
Class Scout
Flagship level 4
Tech level 1
Armour 160
Length 40 m
Engines 2 x S
General (S) 4
Weapon (S) 2
Farsu 1,600
Credits 480
Build time (secs) 960

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The Serpent is the Tier 1 Scout hull of the Snithereal, and is immediately unlocked at the start of the game.

Overview & Strategy

The Serpent is a light hull suitable for the construction of small intel-gathering ships and early-game escort duties. With a low resource cost to build and a fast construction time of 16 minutes, it is ideal for forming into small fleets. Like all Snithereal ships, the Serpent is small and lightly-armoured; its base Armour of 160 is the lowest of all the Major Faction scout hulls. Hence, it may be advisable to form scouting fleets of two or three Serpents instead of sending lone ships, in case they encounter a larger or better-equipped scout (such as a Death Warrant) from another player.


  • At just 40m in length, the Serpent is the smallest hull currently in the game.