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Civilization Ripchee
Class Cruiser
Flagship level 14
Tech level 3
Armour 1,750
Length 900 m
Engines 8 x L
General (M) 6
General (L) 4
Weapon (M) 4
Orbital bomber (L) 2
Farsu 17,500
Credits 34,560
Build time (secs) 84,000

The Scare is a next-generation large hull platform. It can be used to create heavily-armoured cruisers equipped with orbital strike cannons. Adapted from In-Game Description

The Scare is the Tier 3 Cruiser hull of the Ripchee.

Overview & Strategy

Compared to the Cruisers of other Major Factions, the Scare stands out thanks to its extra Large General slots, having four in total. This makes it the highest-capacity troop transport in the game; a fleet of 17 Scares (with an Alpha as flag) fully fitted with Assault Troop Carriers may transport 1.5 million soldiers, although the ability of such a fleet to defend itself will be severely restricted. Beyond this, the Scare has a standard complement of Medium and Large Weapon slots. As a Cruiser, it can mount Orbital Weapons, and its extra equipment capacity allows particularly hardy bombardment ships to be designed for executing Orbital Strikes.