Scanners and Visibility

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Visibility is provided by scanners which can detect stars, planets, fleets and other objects in deep space like wreckage from battle, jettison pods and asteroid fields.

  • Scanners can be constructed on planets or mounted onto ships
  • Can only detect objects within their fixed scanner range
  • They have an inner sensor range that can detect things the outer range can't e.g. planets, fleet intel
  • Fleets and other objects in a star system aren't visible to scanners outside that star system (more details)
  • Fleets and other objects in orbit of a planet aren't visible to scanners outside of that planet's orbit (more details)
  • A scanner can only detect a planet’s colonization and resource status by entering its orbit (after leaving orbit only the last known state is visible until a scanner enters orbit again)

Scanner visibility

Scanner Range.jpg

The above image shows an example of the visibility provided by a scanner:

  1. Scanner range
  2. Sensor range
  3. The position of the scanner (in this image it's in the system)

Scanner range

Scanner range can detect:

  • Stars (planets in its orbit aren't visible)
  • Fleets (shown as UFOs, neither fleet owner nor details of the ships in the fleet are visible)

Sensor range

Sensor range can detect:

  • Planets in orbit of a star, including details of their environment (not population or resources)
  • Fleet details: the owner, quantity of ships, configuration of each ship
  • Jettison pods
  • Wreckages from battle

Limitations to visibility

There are exceptions to whether an object in scanner or sensor range can be detected:

Planet resources

Sensor range can detect planets and details of their environments, but a planet's colonization and resource status can only be detected from within its orbit.

After a fleet enters a planet's orbit it can detect:

  • Colonization status: whether the planet has been colonized by another player or not and details of any populations
  • Resource status: the size of any surface deposits and the size and density of any unmined deposits (surface deposits are ready to use; unmined deposits must be mined before they can be used)

Objects in a star system

  • Objects in a star system (fleet, wreckage from battle, jettison pod, asteroid field) cannot be detected by scanners outside that system (only planets can)
  • Which means a fleet can move from planet to planet within a star system without revealing its position to another player's units outside that system

Objects in orbit

  • Objects in orbit of a planet (fleet, wreckage from battle, jettison pod) cannot be detected by scanners outside that planet’s orbit
  • As soon as a fleet leaves a planet’s orbit it is visible to any other fleet in that system (even if the other fleet is in orbit of a planet in that system)

Cloaked fleets and minefields

Standard scanners cannot detect cloaked fleets or minefields. However, there are ship modules that can be researched that can:

  • Cloak detector: can detect cloaked fleets
  • Minefield detector: can detect minefields
  • Each of these parts are only compatible with corvette class hulls
  • They are added to a ship in addition to the main scanner
  • Once fitted to a ship, the ship’s sensor range can then detect those objects e.g. a cloaked fleet or a minefield

Scanner modules