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Energy-based ship weapons are powered entirely by a ship's power supply.

  • Energy weapons are blocked by Shields (ordnance-based weapons aren't blocked by shields)
  • They typically do more damage to ships when shields are down/not installed than their ordnance-based counterparts
  • Because energy weapons are powered by the ship's power they take up less space than ordnance-based weapons (which need additional ordnance modules on-board to function)
  • Are generally more expensive than ordnance-based weapons (energy weapons also require Ziryl in their construction which isn't needed for ordnance-based weapons)

Cannons (fixed mount)

  • Require a clear line of fire to a target (unable to fire at a target if another ship in the fleet is in - or moves into - the way)
  • Cannot move independently of the ship (unable to fire at a target not directly within its line of fire)
Power Cannon SPC-11Light Energy Projection IS253063---250250112
Power Cannon SPC-21Light Energy Projection IIS253084---375250168
Power Cannon SPC-31Light Energy Projection IIIS2530115.5---550250247
Power Cannon SPC-41Light Energy Projection IVS2530168---800250360
Power Cannon SPC-51Light Energy Projection VS25302311.5---1,125250506
Plasma Cannon MPC-12Medium Energy Projection IM7530157.5---750750674
Plasma Cannon MPC-22Medium Energy Projection IIM7530189---875750786
Plasma Cannon MPC-32Medium Energy Projection IIIM75302110.5---1,050750944
Plasma Cannon MPC-42Medium Energy Projection IVM75302613---1,3007501,170
Plasma Cannon MPC-52Medium Energy Projection VM75303316.5---1,6257501,462

See below for table column definitions


  • Require a clear line of fire to a target (unable to fire at a target if another ship in the fleet is in - or moves into - the way)
  • Can move independently of the ship to track and fire at a moving target (indicated by the AS angular speed property)
Plasma Turret PT-12Tracking Device for Power Cannon IM1006055--755001,000600
Plasma Turret PT-22Tracking Device for Power Cannon IIM1006066--756251,000712
Plasma Turret PT-32Tracking Device for Power Cannon IIIM1006088--758001,000870
Plasma Turret PT-42Tracking Device for Power Cannon IVM100601111--751,0501,0001,094
Plasma Turret PT-52Tracking Device for Power Cannon VM100601515--751,3751,0001,386
Power Beam BT-1003Particle Manipulation IM2257.58010--751,0003,5002,775
Power Beam BT-2003Particle Manipulation IIM2257.59011.25--751,1253,5003,093
Power Beam BT-3003Particle Manipulation IIIM2257.510513.13--751,3123,5003,570
Power Beam BT-4003Particle Manipulation IVM2257.512515.63--751,5623,5004,209
Power Beam BT-5003Particle Manipulation VM2257.515519.38--751,9373,5005,163

See below for table column definitions

Armour bane

  • Do damage relative to the strength of the hull they strike (rather than a fixed amount like conventional weapons)
  • e.g. if the target hull has 1,000 HP and the armor bane weapon does 5 DPR (damage per round) it will do 5% damage per shot (5% of 1,000 is 50 HP per shot)
Armor Bane Cannon ABA-S6Armor NegationS253010.5---1,000250132
Armor Bane Cannon ABB-S6N/AS253021---1,500250198
Armor Bane Cannon ABA-M6Boosted Armor NegationM753031.5---2,000750270
Armor Bane Turret ABA-M6N/AM753042---4,000750336

See below for table column definitions

Plasma shells

  • Do not require a clear line of fire to a target (can strike any target in a fleet even if other ships are in the way)
  • Other ships within the splash radius of the target may also take damage (ships positioned close to each other in a fleet are vulnerable)
Plasma Shell Launcher LPL-14N/AL3504.981008.31,60010-1,1003,5007,220
Plasma Shell Launcher LPL-24N/AL3504.981209.961,80010-1,3503,5008,424
Plasma Shell Launcher LPL-34N/AL3504.9815012.452,00010-1,7003,50010,028
Plasma Shell Launcher LPL-44N/AL3504.9819015.772,20010-2,1503,50012,036
Plasma Shell Launcher LPL-54N/AL3504.9824019.922,40010-2,7003,50014,448

See below for table column definitions

* Plasma Shell Launcher weapons are not yet in the game but will be added shortly

Unique energy weapons

The following weapons are only accessible for specific civilizations:


Power Beam BT-ABA-I4Ripchee Demolisher IM2257.581--751,6252,5005,824
Power Beam BT-ABA-II4Ripchee Demolisher IIM2257.5101.25--752,2502,5007,948

Fighter carriers

Fighter carriers are a type of ship weapon that launch fighter squadrons to attack the enemy during fleet battles.

Main page: Fighter Carriers


  • Research: the technology that must be researched to unlock a weapon for use
  • Size: Small, Medium or Large (the ship slot size it can be attached to)
  • PC (Power Consumption): (In MWt required for Energy weapons or Shells per volley for Ballistic)
  • RPM (Rounds per min): number of rounds that can be fired per minute
  • DPR (Damage per round): the damage each round delivers
  • DPS (Damage per sec): average damage done per second based on RPM and DPR
  • Splash: splash radius in meters for rockets (all ships within this range are affected as if directly struck themselves - and as with all ordnance weapons, shields are no defense)
  • FT (Flight time): time to travel from launcher to target
  • AS (Angular speed): speed of turret rotation in degrees per second
  • Fa (Farsu): cost in farsu (added to ship total farsu cost)
  • Zi (Ziryl): cost in ziryl (added to ship total ziryl cost)
  • Credits: cost in credits (added to ship total credit cost)

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