Resource Transfer

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  • Resources are transferred between objects via a transfer screen
  • Planets and fleets have their own transfer screens but they work in the same way

See also: Planet Management

Opening resource transfer

From a planet

Resource Transfer Open Planet.jpg

  • A planet's resource transfer screen is opened from planet management by clicking on a fleet in orbit or any of the natural resources
  • If you haven't colonized a planet, resource transfer can only be opened if you have a fleet in orbit (resources can be transferred from the planet to the fleet - not from the fleet to the planet)
  • If a planet is colonized by another player resource transfer can't be opened (as resources can't be transferred to/from another player's planet)

From a fleet

Resource Transfer Open Fleet.jpg

  • A fleet's resource transfer screen can be opened at any time by clicking the fleet transfer button
  • A fleet can only transfer resources with a planet it's in orbit of or another object (fleet, jettison pod, wreckage) at the same position (to move a fleet to the same position as an object, select the fleet, click on the object, and select the 'Move to position' command)

Transferring resources

Resource Transfer Planet.jpg

  • The planet/fleet selected and its resources are listed on the right
  • The objects it can transfer resources with are listed on the left e.g. fleets, planets, jettison pods, wreckage from battle
  • If an object on the left has already been selected its resources and cargo capacity are listed
  • To transfer a resource from one object to another: click on a resource, set the quantity, and click the 'Send' button

Cargo capacity

Resource Transfer Annotated.jpg

It's only possible to transfer resources to a recipient that has the relevant modules and space available (0/0 indicates no capacity, whereas 100/200 indicates 100 of the total 200 space available is already used):

  • Cargo containers: Beron, Farsu, Limbalt and Ziryl is carried on ships using cargo containers
  • Fuel tanks: Olzine (fuel) is carried on ships using fuel tanks
  • Ordnance modules: Limbalt can be transferred to a fleet as cargo (limbalt to limbalt) if cargo containers are installed, or converted to ordnance (limbalt to ordnance) if ordnance modules are installed
  • Personnel transports / colonization modules: colonists can only be transferred to ships with personnel transports or colonization modules
  • Assault troop carriers: are used to transport troops (the troops can be used to invade another player's planet)

Planets & fleets

  • A fleet has to be in orbit of a planet for resource transfer to be possible
  • Resources can be transferred to and from planets you've colonized
  • Resources can only be transferred away from planets you've not colonized
  • Resources cannot be transferred with a planet colonized by another player

Planet to planet

  • Planets with cargo transporters can transfer resources directly to each other
  • Planets can only transfer to other planets in the same system and both planets need to have built a cargo transporter

Fleet to fleet

  • Your fleets can transfer resources to each other only while they are both in orbit of one of your colonized planets
  • Your fleets cannot transfer resources with a fleet of another player
  • Jettison pods can be used to indirectly transfer resources between your fleets in deep space or with those of another player

Jettison pods

Fleet Drop Jettison Pod.jpg

  • Jettison pods can be dropped via a fleet's resource transfer screen to temporarily store cargo in deep space
  • Once a jettison pod has been dropped in space, any player/fleet can transfer resources to/from it (they disintegrate after 24 hours and anything still inside is then lost)

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