Private Messaging

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Players can send private messages to each other via the private messages tab on the chat window (bottom left corner of the UI):

  • Players can only send messages to other players visible to their scanners - including the player colony scanner - or to players previously messaged.
  • The private messaging tab is only available while in a galaxy (it’s not available when opening the chat window from the lobby).
  • Private messaging works on a per-galaxy basis. Even if you're playing multiple galaxies at the same time, the chat window will only ever have one private messaging tab, which will be for the galaxy opened.
  • Private messaging can only be initiated via the private messaging tab on the chat window or via the results panel on the player colony scanner (at the moment private messaging can't be initiated by clicking on a player's fleet or planet on the map).
  • If you mute a player they will be unable to message you unless you unmute them.
  • The unread private messages count is shown on the button that opens the chat window.
  • The chat window itself can be disabled via the main settings menu.

How to use it

1. Open the chat window from the bottom left corner of the game.

Opening The Chat Window.jpg

2. Switch to the private messages tab of the chat window

Private Messages Tab.jpg

3. Click on the player in the list you want to message or read previously sent messages

Private Messages InGame.jpg

Muting/unmuting a player

  • The mute button is to the right of the player's name (see image above).
  • A muted player will not be able to message you unless you unmute them.
  • When a player is muted their status is shown as muted in orange letters.
  • Clicking the mute button will toggle the status between muted/unmuted.

Which players can be messaged

A player can only send a message to a player that is visible to their scanners - unless they have previously messaged each other. The recipient might not be able to see the sender as the sender could be cloaked or have scanners with a wider range than the recipients.