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This is a page for collating links to various reoccurring ideas on the main Outscape forum. This is done to provide a rapid way of looking at where folks have had similar ideas in the hopes these good suggestions are not buried in the depths of the forum! As the page(s) develop, we'll try and add categories to keep them grouped appropriately.

Topic links within given categories are ordered based on perceived popularity. Topics that have been completed will be marked as "Implemented" and moved to the end of each category. You may help reorder topics within categories as you see fit. Some topics may be duplicated as the original topic covers multiple categories. Please, DO NOT remove any items.

Note: All topics from the "Feedback" section of the Outscape forum will be included. These topics are included regardless of perceived "quality" to ensure that subjectivity doesn't cloud objectivity.

Dev Released Lists

Alliances – player roles, group chat, etc. Greatly relax expansion limitations – colony vassal system, space docks Quality of Life & Automation – remember history, multiple orders for fleets Better Battles (strategy, look, feel, depth) Wormholes (natural and player generated) Territorial Markers Seed Ships More interesting galaxy Ion Storms (galactic localised weather) Sectors – each with unique characteristics and traits Mysterious galactic things – players have to figure out what they are and what to do with them More Content – tech tree, civs, weapons More PVE, and not just pirates Player Profiles plus mini-achievements Private Games and the ability for players to customise them Ability to Draw on the Starmap and also share those drawings Even larger map – one universe to rule them all

UI and QoL (Quality of Life):

Borderless window -

Displaying ship range, ammo, etc -

Fog of war -

Auto-upgrade ship blueprints -

Hover blueprint for stats -

Time since last logout -

Improving labor shortage display -

Comma for transferring resources -

Change fleet name from galaxy view -

Center on back button -

Cycle to next planet -

Auto-sharing of resources -

Flagging players in chat -

Display of happiness values -

Flagging buildings -

Planetary defense and invasions:

Population modifiers (happiness, corruption, environment):

Buildings (ideas, construction glitches, queues):

Orbital buildings (shuttles, fighters, moonbases) -


Fleet cap/types -

Need to write topic on:

Fleet cap by tech

Fleet cap by building number/level

Fleet cap by planet number

Fleet cap by race




Mine warfare:

Mineral mining:

Fleet combat:




Player Interaction and Protection:

Victory conditions:

Reasons for leaving game: