Player colony scanner

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The player colony scanner can detect the approximate direction and distance of the nearest colonies belonging to other players:

  • The scan is performed from the player's planet with the largest population (which will be the home planet until another colony's population grows larger - the results are relative to the planet performing the scan)
  • Up to 4 colonies can be detected (each belonging to a different player)
  • Only the approximate direction and distance away can be detected (the colony could be anywhere within that area and may not even be visible to the player)
  • To find the exact location of the detected colony the player will need to scout the systems and planets in that area
  • Only player colonies can be detected
  • In a future release it will be possible to send a private message to any of the players detected

How to use it

1. Open the player colony scanner from the main menu and click the 'Scan' button.

Player Colony Scanner 1.jpg

2. The scanner will begin searching for colony signatures in the surrounding areas.

Player Colony Scanner 2.jpg

3. Once the scan is complete the details of the nearest player colonies found are shown on the results panel. Hovering any of the player names found will highlight on the map their approximate direction.

Player Colony Scanner 3.jpg

After a scan had been performed clicking the player colony scanner button on the main menu will toggle showing/hiding the results from the previous scan. Clicking 'Scan again' will perform a new scan.