Planetary Raiding

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With the right fleet configuration a player can, instead of mining all of their own resources, raid and steal resources from a neighbouring player's planets. Conversely, careless players can expect to be targeted by both human and NPC Pirate raiders.

Raiding Fleet Checklist

  • A raiding fleet must include at least one Frigate, with at least one Assault Troop Carrier module installed and filled with troops. Using multiple modules and/or multiple troop-carrying ships will increase the chance of the raid's success.
  • The raiding frigate(s) either need their own cargo space, or to be part of a fleet with free cargo space. Freighters can serve this purpose. A large cargo capacity will make successful raids more profitable.
  • An anti-Orbital Defence sacrificial ship (typically a cheap Scout). If your cargo capacity doesn't exceed the cost of this ship, then don't bother with defended systems!
  • Enough fuel to make good your escape!

Launching a Raid

  • Move this fleet into the orbit of an enemy planet.
  • Click on the planet and choose ‘Steal resources’ from the menu.
A fleet prepares to steal resources from another player.

Once done, a timer will count down from one hour as the raiding party drops down to the target planet and returns with any resources they were able to find. The player will then receive a notification (pictured) with the results of their heist. If successful, the raiding troops will steal from all of the available resources on the planet, up to the limit of the cargo modules and fuel tanks of the raiding fleet. If the planet has many different resources present, they will be stolen proportionally. The troops will then return to the fleet, which can now depart. A successful raid will never incur troop losses on the attacker, but a failed raid will (see below).

Notification of two successful raids.

Defending Against Raiders

Notification of a failed raid.

Players have several options to counter potential marauders:

  • Guard fleets placed in orbit will automatically intercept an approaching raider.
  • Orbital Defences pose significant risks for any raider. As well as targeting the troops as they descend, they can also target the raiding fleet with direct fire, which must stay in orbit for one hour while the raid is in progress.
  • Increasing the planet's army size through building Military Bases will improve the defender's odds against those troops that do make it to the planet surface.

The chance of success of a thieving mission depends on the ratio of assault troops to defending troops on the planet. If a planet’s army size is 20 times bigger than the assaulting group, the stealing attempt will always fail. Every failed attempt will result in a random number of casualties among the marauders. The surviving troops will return to the raiding fleet, which can then launch another raiding attempt if the player so wishes.

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