Planet Modification

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Planet Modification
Climate Research 1.png
Infrastructure Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Science Practice
Difficulty: 25
Unlocks: Tier 1 Climate and Hydro Adjustment Stations
Required By: Terraforming Technologies


Planet Modification is a useful early Technology from the Infrastructure tree, and at 25 Difficulty can be unlocked reasonably early on.

When seeking new planets to colonize, the player will invariably run into worlds with climates hostile to their chosen Major Faction. Their land/water balance may restrict the available space for colonists, or they may be too hot or cold to the point where the climate will kill colonists over time. This technology allows the construction of Climate Stations and Hydro Adjustment Stations, that will (depending on the number built and their Tech level) terraform the planet and bring the planet's climate closer to the ideal conditions of the player's chosen race.