Personnel Transport

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This article describes the ship module used for moving population between player-owned planets. For transporting troops, see Assault Troop Carriers. For colonizing unclaimed planets, see Colonization Module.

Personnel Transports are a General module type available for all ships. Players do not start with the ability to construct them, but the relevant technology can be easily researched by even brand-new players.

Once unlocked and used on a ship, they allow for a player's primary Population (that is, of their chosen civilization) to be moved from one planet to another, as if they were a resource. If a player encounters a secondary or native population of their own race, they may also be transported in this manner. All other races, including those of non-playable civilizations, may not be transported using these modules.

Personnel Transports are one of the few ship modules in the game to increase the total build time of a ship design incorporating them.


Small Personnel TransportLife Support ModulesS4,0002020060
Medium Personnel TransportLife Support ModulesM12,00060600180
Large Personnel TransportLife Support ModulesL28,0001401,400480


  • Research: the technology that must be researched to unlock this item for use
  • Size: Small, Medium or Large
  • Capacity: how many colonists can be carried
  • Fa (Farsu): cost in farsu (added to ship total farsu cost)
  • Credits: cost in credits (added to ship total credit cost)
  • Build: build time in seconds (added to ship total build time)