Orbital Defence System

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Orbital Defence System
Orbit Defense Level 1.png
Infrastructure Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Military Base Automation or Next Generation of Force Spawner
Difficulty: 450
Unlocks: Tier 1 Orbit Defense Systems
Required By: Orbital Security
This article is about the technology which provides Tier 1 orbital defences. For an overview of these structures, see Orbit Defense Systems.


Orbital Defence System is a critical defensive Technology, and players should aim to unlock it as soon as they reasonably can. Researching it unlocks Tier 1 Orbit Defense System structures - guns capable of attacking enemy ships and fleets in their planet's orbit.

These have two general functions; direct fire against enemy fleets in the orbit of the planet they are constructed on, dealing 100 damage to each ship in the fleet per shot every three minutes, and destroying 25% of all troops that land as part of a raiding or invasion attempt, regardless of cool-down.

Multiple guns do not stack for anti-invasion purposes (only the effect of the best one is used), but they do stack for direct fire damage against a single target. However, a skilled opponent will bait their fire with a cheap Scout before any major attack, then move in while the weapon(s) are on cool-down. This can allow invasion fleets to get in undamaged, but any raiding or orbital bombardment attempts will still have to face surface-to-orbit fire. With all this in mind, players should definitely build at least one of these structures on each planet they control.