Orbital Bombers

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Ships equipped with orbital bombing weapons can launch orbital strikes against a planet's surface which destroy buildings and/or colony population.

  • Orbital bombing weapons can only be fitted to Cruiser class ship hulls
  • Ordnance-based (the ship must have sufficient ordnance to fire)
  • An orbital strike can only be ordered when the fleet is in orbit (and there are no defensive fleets in orbit)
  • Once an orbital strike has been ordered, it will only be launched after the Launch Time countdown (the ship must remain in orbit during this time)
  • Not every strike will succeed in causing destruction (partly down to the weapon's Accuracy)

Orbital Bombing


Orbital Bombing can be used as a precursor to a ground invasion. The more modules you put on, the more chance you will destroy buildings, and kill more population.

There is a separate chance to destroy a Orbital defence, farm, power station, shipyards,and climate station that is lower then the other structures you can destroy.

Be wary that each Orbital Bombing module will take 1k Limbalt each shot. So if you have 3 Orbital bombing modules you will be using significantly more than with 1. Each orbital attack will then use 3k each shot. So for prolonged bombardments make sure you can resupply.

Orbital Strike Cannon

In the same way as any regular Orbital Bomber, you can equip your ships with special Orbital Strike Cannon Losc.

This weapon is more accurate and consumes less ordnance, but deals damage only to population of a planet.


ImageNameLevelResearchSizePCAccuracyLaunch TimeOrdnanceFaZiCredits
Orbital BomberOrbital Bomber1Orbital BombardmentL010%1,8001,0001,80003,600
Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-30Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-301Energy Storm IL10030%3,6006005002,000800
Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-40Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-402Energy Storm IIL10040%3,3006001,0002,0001,600
Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-50Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-503Energy Storm IIIL10050%3,0006001,5002,0003,200
Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-60Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-604Energy Storm IVL10060%2,7006002,0002,0007,200
Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-90Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-905Energy Storm VL10090%1,8006002,5002,00014,400


  • Level: the tech-level
  • Research: the technology that must be researched to unlock this weapon for use
  • Size: Small, Medium or Large
  • PC (Power Consumption MWt): quantity of ship's power that will be consumed
  • Accuracy: probability of a strike hitting a target
  • Launch Time: how long the strike takes to launch once ordered
  • Ordnance: the ordnance required/consumed per strike
  • Fa (Farsu): cost in farsu (added to ship total farsu cost)
  • Zi (Ziryl): cost in ziryl (added to ship total ziryl cost)
  • Credits: cost in credits (added to ship total credit cost)

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