Olzine Charged Engine

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Olzine Charged Engine
Olzine Charged Engine.png
Engines Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Olzine Extraction
Difficulty: 100
Unlocks: Improved Warp Engines
Required By: Zero Gravity Technology, Dark Energy Charged Engines


Olzine Charged Engine is a technology from the Olzine section of the tech tree. At 100 Difficulty, it will be beyond the initial reach of an absolute beginner, but it is well worth it for early-game players to put the time in to unlock it. Researching this tech provides the first new engine for player ships - the Improved Warp Engine.

Compared to the starting Base Warp Engine, the Improved Warp Engine offers several advantages:

  • A Power Output of 100 MWt, 25 more than the Base engine. This is helpful in powering ship weapons and systems without dedicating space to Generator modules.
  • An increased Thruster Speed, allowing fleets to fly in-system more quickly. This is useful for transporting resources or hunting down pirates reliant on Base Warp Engines.
  • A Boosted Warp speed of 5, 33% faster than the Warp 4 offered by the Base Engine.
  • Fuel efficiency at Boosted Warp speed is improved by 20%.

These last two factors in particular significantly improve interstellar communications; using these engines, supply fleets can move between systems more quickly, and will require less fuel to do so. It is recommended to have this technology unlocked and in-use by the time the player is ready to expand beyond their starting system.