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Civilization Ripchee
Class Destroyer
Flagship level 7
Tech level 1
Armour 356
Length 78 m
Engines 2 x S
General (S) 4
Weapon (S) 4
Weapon (M) 1
Farsu 3,560
Credits 5,040
Build time (secs) 8,520

The Nuisance is a suitable platform for producing small destroyers. It's bigger than the Hunter hull and allows for the construction of more flexible and powerful solutions. Adapted from In-Game Description

The Nuisance is the Tier 1 Destroyer hull of the Ripchee.

Overview & Strategy

Contrary to its description, the Nuisance is actually smaller than the Hunter corvette; at just 78m in length, it is the smallest destroyer in the game. Despite its small size, it is reasonably well-armoured with 356 base HP, and is bristling with five total Weapon hard points. With a Flag rating of seven, it is suitable as an early-game flagship and convoy escort. Being only a small hull, its fuel consumption is very low, and so it can be configured as an early-game fast attack craft.

The weakness of the Nuisance is in its limited equipment capacity. With only four Small General slots, it will be difficult for the Ripchee player to find space for any Armour or Shields, which will leave it vulnerable to larger enemy ships such as the Stallion or T36. When faced with such opponents, the Incisor frigate offers more firepower and durability in fleet combat.