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Civilization Snithereal
Class Freighter
Flagship level 4
Tech level 2
Armour 250
Length 250 m
Engines 8 x S
General (M) 2
General (L) 4
Farsu 2,500
Credits 1,200
Build time (secs) 5,040

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The Nohestan is the Tier 2 Freighter hull of the Snithereal.

Overview & Strategy

The Nohestan is comparable to the Syntis T11-16 in terms of carrying capacity, sharing its General slot layout of two Medium and four Large. It is a decent medium freighter for the early to mid-game, but the Snithereal have no larger alternatives are available, making it the least capable “large” freighter in the game. Snithereal players will either need more logistics fleets or a greater level of micromanagement to compensate for this.