Multilayer Construction Platforms

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Multilayer Construction Platforms
Shipyard Research 2.png
Infrastructure Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Construction Platforms
Difficulty: 1250
Unlocks: Tier 3 Shipyards
Required By: Macro-Engineering


Multilayer Construction Platforms is a crucial Technology for mid-game players to unlock, as a prerequisite for other techs further up the Spaceship Engineering tech tree. Once completed, the player will be able to upgrade any Tier 2 Shipyard to the Tier 3 Version, which can then be used to construct Tier 3 hulls. These include capital ships, namely Battleships and Cruisers for all Major Factions, as well as the top tier of logistics ships for Syntis and Ripchee players. The Saber Corvette can also only be built at a Tier 3 yard or higher.

With a Difficulty rating of 1,250, players will likely have the means to unlock this Technology before they are able to research any Tier 3 hull techs, which typically have higher Difficulties. Multilayer Construction Platforms itself has no urgent subsequent unlocks, so players can reasonably hold off on this Tech until they have unlocked at least one of these new hulls, in order to save research time and avoid being caught out by stronger Pirate spawns. Later on, this technology is a prerequisite for the final Shipyard upgrade, in order to build and support Dreadnought hulls.

As with the previous upgrade, it is worth noting that a Tier 3 Shipyard requires twice as many workers (120K total) and three times as much power (900MW) as the Tier 2 version in order to function. Players should ensure they have the necessary infrastructure in place before performing these upgrades, and will likely need to dedicate planets to hosting and supporting these structures. As with other upgrades, an upgrading Shipyard cannot function in building, repairing or upgrading ships while the upgrade is in progress.


The image for Multilayer Construction Platforms shows a Zarion, the Freighter hull of The People's Realm.